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Brake adjustments make a world of difference.

Having ridden motorcycles for the past 6 years, I have become quite accustomed to quality hydraulic brakes that give me full control over my braking pressure. After some time riding on the Zander it became apparent that the Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes definitely stopped you, but they did not really have a lot of room to finesse the braking pressure; they had a very on/off feeling.

Over at user hokiefyd posted a link to a guide demonstrating an easy and reliable method to align and adjust most mechanical disc brakes. After following the guide, the brakes are much more usable. Gone is the on/off feeling; I can now easily apply varying amount of pressure! This made stopping easier, and more confidence inspiring.

If you purchased a Redline Zander, or if setup your own bike with mechanical brakes, this guide may help you! If you are unsure, just have your Local Bike Shop (LBS) set yours up for you. Setup fees are usually fairly reasonable!

Park Tool – Mechanical Disc Brake Alignment

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New hobbies, new blog.

Recently, I purchased my first mountain bike as an adult. It’s time to get into shape!

I ended up finding a really decent entry-level MTB at Walmart of all places. Now, I know what you’re thinking “oh it has to be a piece of junk,” but that’s not the case! It’s chock full of decent starter components with some light upgradability, albeit the shocks options are limited due to the non-tapered head tube on the frame.

Check out the specs for the 2018 Redline Zander MTB here!

I plan to post about my beginner MTB adventures, upgrades to my Zander, as well as a range of other topics including, but not limited to, network engineering, cars & motorcycles (more about them later,) rad 80s stuff, and more!

Stay tuned…


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